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I am often moved to paint the vistas of Canada. 

Imposing, yet hospitable.  Vast, yet cosy.  Both stark, and beautiful.  


A world of enduring and unwavering dualities.  A place I call home.

Most notable is my ongoing and signature Sea and Sky Series, in which I have painted scenes that reflect both the tranquility and mightiness of our world and its weather.

Many of these paintings are still available; click on the image to learn more.

Sea and Sky

step into these paintings and be moved, soothed, or both


the shipping industry of Hamilton Harbour

Native Pines

“… Soon it would be nightfall.  After a brief and blustery snowfall, they made their way through the pines to the Lone Totem at the lake.”

Escarpment Country near Milton, Ontario is full of wildlife, history, mystery, and ethereal beauty.  The early Natives knew these lands were special and decided to settle here, where the forests were old and abundant. They built their longhouses under soaring eagles and near the deep and magical lake, now known as Crawford Lake.  ​

Moonlit Shores

moonlight illuminations in an otherwise inky darkness

Strong and Free

the glory of Canada, all year round

I painted these in honour of Canada's vast wilderness.  Whether travelling through the Laurentians, north of Superior, over to North Bay, or even just to Blue Mountain, I have always taken pleasure in feeling the hinterland rise up around me.    

These were painted in 2017 as a tribute to Canada in its 150th anniversary year.


did the moon just wink? 

Holiday Season

wintertime imaginings to share with family and friends 

Single Paintings

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